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Hazardous Materials

If a material cannot be identified, assume it is hazardous.  There are a few basic responses that must be followed in case of a spill or release of a chemical substance regardless of the nature of the accident. 

  • Notify the Management Office immediately.  State the location of the accident, the type of material released (if known) and any action taken thus far. 
  • Evacuate everyone in the vicinity immediately.  This includes tenants, contractors, and other building personnel.  If the release of a dangerous vapor or gas occurs, a larger area of evacuation may be necessary. 
  • Once you know the area is cleared, you may take safe and reasonable steps to identify the released materials.  If you can identify the materials, small spills of liquids may be limited with sandbags or absorbents.  Isolated fumes or gases may be limited by closing the doors or shutting off the air handler units in the affected area. 
  • If the material has not been identified, the Management Office will attempt to identify the material by using Material Safety Data Sheets to classify the material according to it hazardous properties.   
  • If the spill or release is deemed to be a threat to a widespread area of the property and/or its occupants, immediately call 911 and request the Fire Department HAZMAT Response Unit.