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Elevator Emergencies

Elevators are one of the safest modes of transportation.  The specifications for elevator construction, installation, and operation are highly regulated.  Safety devices, combined with regular inspections from regulatory agencies, further ensure the safety of elevator travel.

Even with these precautions, the increasingly sophisticated circuitry found on many modern elevators can result in a malfunction.

What to do if you become trapped in an elevator:

  • Remain Calm 
  • Press the “emergency” or “bell” button. 
  • Pick up the telephone and follow the posted instructions. 
  • Report your address and car number to the emergency operator and wait for direction. 
  • Do not force the elevator doors open. 
  • DO NOT attempt to exit the elevator through the roof hatch or the front doors if the elevator is not leveled on a floor.

If the malfunction is observed from outside the elevator, notify the Management Office.  In the event that someone is trapped in the elevator, call the Management Office at 703-299-6370.

Working on elevators is specialized work. Only elevator service companies or fire department personnel should remove occupants stranded in an elevator.