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Tenant Handbook

Criminal Action

Criminal activity and violence can assume almost any form.  Violence and crime most often invoke images of the stereotypical street thug or the professional criminal, but criminal activity is not so predictable.  In real life, the criminal may also be a co-worker, an estranged spouse or lover, or someone you considered a friend.

 If a Crime Occurs

  • Immediately report the crime to the police by calling 911.
  • Do not subject yourself to physical harm at the crime scene.
  • Never argue or debate with an assailant.
  • Never block an assailant’s escape.
  • Attempt to gain an accurate description of the assailant.

 After a Crime Occurs

  • Do not disturb anything at the crime scene.
  • Await the arrival of the police.
  • Ask all witnesses to wait for a the site until the police complete their interview process.
  • Contact the Management Office.