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Tenant Handbook


In the event of an emergency, it may become necessary to evacuate the office building.  All Floor Response Team personnel, as well as general personnel, should be completely familiar with the following evacuation procedures.

  • In an emergency situation, wait until management or designated Floor Response Team personnel indicated that it is safe and appropriate to evacuate the building. 
  • If you are directed to evacuate, closely follow the instructions of all Floor Response Team personnel including Floor Wardens, Elevator Monitors, Searchers, and Stairwell Monitors. 
  • Do not exit via the elevators. 
  • Exit via stairwells only after a Stairwell Monitor has deemed it safe to do so. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the location of all stairwell exits; in the event a stairwell is blocked, proceed to an alternate stairwell.
  • Use safe stairwell exit procedures including:
    • Remain calm and quiet
    • Remove high heeled shoes
    • Exit in a single file and keep to the right using hand rails
    • Move quickly, but do not run
    • Assist those who may have trouble on the stairs or who have been injured
    • Treat injuries on stairwell landings only and only when safe to do so

Evacuating the Injured

If you are alone with an injured person who is unable to leave the area unassisted, you may find that a “blanket drag” will provide you with the means to remove the person from the hazardous area.  The drag can also be accomplished with a coat.  If you are unable to carry the person, the “blanket drag” may be your only means of moving the person out of danger.

To get the person onto the blanket, turn the person on his/her side and roll the blanket up, lengthwise, so that when you roll them over to the other side, you can open the blanket.  Grasp the corners nearest the head of the injured and pull the person out of the area.