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Energy Conservation & Recycling

Energy Conservation

This building is LEED Gold Certified.

Among other things, Tenants in LEED buildings can expect their space is cleaned using green-certified chemicals and equipment, stocked with recycled paper products, and that their waste is recycled to the maximum extent possible. They can expect the HVAC systems in the buildings utilize HEPA filtration and that annual professional inspection is conducted on indoor air quality.

LEED also means that our tenants must fully embrace sustainable initiatives within their own organizations and participate in recycling programs and sustainable purchasing policies (Energy Star labeled equipment and recycled content office supplies)


The building collects and recycles on a daily basis:

  • Mixed paper (including colored paper, envelopes, magazines, etc.)
  • Cardboard (boxes should be broken down flat)
  • Glass (bottles & jars)
  • Plastic (bottles & jugs)
  • Metal (cans)
  • All Bulbs & Ballasts
  • Batteries
  • Food waste for compost

Periodically the building collects and recycles:

  • Computer Equipment and other electronic waste are collected and removed bi-annually.

Any bulbs and batteries should be given to Building Engineers for proper disposal on an ongoing basis.

Janitorial staff removes the trash, commingled recyclables (glass, metal, plastics), and mixed paper & cardboard on a nightly basis.

For more information about recycling please call the Management Office at 301-990-6614.